Creature Labs Standalone

Creature Labs is a program to create any kind of objects by using predefined object parts. The user can customize the projects by using a simple treeview or create a totally new project type, for example spacecrafts. New is also the converter between different formats as dxf, obj, 3ds and cob, makes it possible for developers to easy add support for any type of object format to the program.

The program has lots of new objects and will be able to handle the objects from Creature Creator. Other new features in the program:

  • Support for more export formats
  • Side views of the object(s)
  • And many other things




Creature Lab is a program for setting up 3d characters by defining different bodyparts from a library with existing parts and limbs. You can in a few short moments and mouse clicks have a character that suits you're need. You also have the ability to add more parts into the library, so you can get exactly what you are looking for. Theres no limitations or restrictions for "positioning" the different body parts, for example you may add a human torso on a horse body instead of the horse neck, or make a siamesic twin by adding two human torsos, joined by the shoulder. You are also allowed to make a connection chain, or chain of objects, as long as you want, by connecting a sertain amount of arms toghether, or what ever part, as long as the object has a free connection area.

The Main Interface

The main interface of the Creature Lab 1.0


The File Tab

From this Tab you load and save your Creature Lab Objects well as exporting them to another format as Lightwave, 3dStudio, Maya or TrueSpace format.


The Project Tab

From this Tab you control how the objects are connected. Currently its only used for the Converter that you can read about bellow.


The Main Tab

From this Tab you control the object connection in Creature Lab and the tab is the heart of Creature Lab. Here you see how all objects are linked to eachother.


The Prefs Tab

From this Tab you select where Creature Lab should load the project (object files) from


The Conveter Tab

This is the section of the program where you can add your own parts and creations to the library. Everything has more or less been made to work automatically in this new version of Creature Lab.

An intelligent engine has been added to the program to autoselect the points where the object should be splitted down into diffrent parts to make this really easy and cool to work with.

By setting up project templates as starting points you will be up making your own character/animals or any kind of object libraries in no time.

Creature Creator Pro Standalone

Creating humanoids, aliens, monsters, bugs, and other things that go bump in the night is an easy experience with Creature Creator. Make one-of-a-kind characters for cartoons, fantasy and sci-fi in minutes - by using any of the plugin's library of over 500 pre-defined body parts, which can be tweeked or combined in endless ways for genuine originality. Of course you can also add your own modifications and models to the library to make the possibilities with this plugin endless. If you're serious about your animations, you'll want to add Creature Creator to your toolbox.

  Check out the gallery to see the possibilities with this plugin.



What are our users saying?
"First off, congratulations on producing an absolutely amazing plugin. Creature Creator has, in the 2 weeks I've had it, literally saved me a years worth of modeling. I have armies of creatures running through my scenes now, and it only takes minutes to make more!! Truly awesome!!"

  "I have already purchased Creature Creator and it is one of the best products I have ever seen for character development. It even beats Metacreations Poser 4 in my book."

  "I would have three times the work right now if it wasn't for Creature Creator. At this time I use Creature Creator on almost a daily basis."

  "I exported my first model the other day. I decided to see what smoothing would do to it and WOW. The model looked great. I find it quite impressive that you created a series of interchangeable body segments, and still managed to maintain everything as metanurbs quads. Very nice. That aside I look forward to playing some more with it, but suffice to say that again, I was impressed."

  "It's AWESOME! As soon as I unstuffed the file and saw the demo icon had the plug-in icon I knew it would work. Sure enough it does, and your plug-in looks fantastic. I'm going to order the Pro version today from Safe Harbor. Thank you so much for all your help and I'll probably bug you in the future when I have questions about Creature Creator."

  "WOW!! I am going to get me a copy of Creature Creator!!! It looks really awesome!!! Just what the community needs. I have no clue why Poser didn't do something more like this. Thanks god you made it for available for MAX!! Thanks a bunch."

 "Creature Creator has already saved me time in creating monsters, to make a goblin took me less than 24 hours, and thats with texturing and such. Your product is a time saver to say the least. I've been working with 3D for 9 years and I really like your product. I usually had to make my creatures out of splines, a long  process. Thank you once again for making this product..."

 "I Really like Creator Creator, because it lets you put together what can take you hours or even days to do without it. On top of that you can take the human type two-legged models you built in Lightwave and take them apart for use in Creature Creator to build other new creatures out of. The product is really easy to use and fun to just play around with too! Best of all though is the fact that Creature Creator is used right inside the modeler and I understand that the next version will be even more integrated."

  "Just got back from the weekend and tried changing the OpenGL32 file. Looks like the one I have is from 95 and the one from the CD is from 98. Tried out the program and it seems great, and from the level of support you guys gave me I'm very impressed with this company. Well, this is something to add to your knowledge base."

 "There is a great variety of body parts you can use and that you can create your own to import is a plus! Overall it's a fun product to play with and you can create a very good basic design to work from once you import it into Modeler. Their tech support is very good considering I'm half-way around the world from them! This is an awesome product to have!"

The Creature Creator for Standalone interface

The Project Tab

From this Tab you load and save your Creature Creator projects as well as saving them out as an object file for using in your 3D software.


The Main Tab

Here is where you select the body parts that your character will consist of. You have over500 parts to select from and you can easily combine them by just selecting in the drop down menus, or stepping between them with the arrow buttons.

Everything you do will immediately be shown in realtime in the OpenGL window so you see the results right away. The characters created will be seamless to make it easy to later animate them.

At the bottom you have the choice to make a random creature by just pressing a button to make something unique very fast.


The Prefs Tab

Some standard preference settings like colors and paths.


The Edit Body Parts Tab

This is vhere you tweak and finetune your characters to make them exactly how you want them. When you select the part of the body you want to edit it will be highlighted with a wireframe around it, and then you can start dragging sliders to deform and change it to fit your purposes and the look you are after.


FAQ for Creature Creator v1.5

Q: Will you release more bodyparts for Creature Creator?
A: Yes, we are constantly working on improving the part library. Sometimes we release updates for free that extends the library. Also we are working on diffrent theme packs that will be sold for a reasonable price.

Q: Do you have a demoversion of Creature creator?
A: Yes, you can download it from our download page.

Q: What's the diffrence between the Standalone version and the Plugin versions?
A: The Standalone version doesn't obviously get the same level of integration as the internal plugin versions. The importer (converter) is not available that it can pick your current character from your modeling software and add it to your object base. You can ofcourse still get all the addon body part packs that will be released in the future. Also you have to make an extra step to get it into your software. You have to save your creature as an object file and then load it instead of just exporting it out.

Q: How long will it take to recieve my plugin?
A: Ask your local dealer who carries Creature Creator about their delivery options. Check out your nearest FXR Software Dealer, or you can order it directly from us online and have it shipped to you the same day.